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Santa Bot

This is the script used by Santa Bot.
It was written on an earlier version of Self, so is probably more complex than now required now, but does give a good example of how to script responses based on context, how to associate knowledge, and how to create names.

Language: Self
Alias: @Santa Bot
Categories: Self
Tags: self, santa, bot
Content Rating: Teen

License: Public Domain
Created: Oct 17 2014
Creator: admin : Send Message
Access: Everyone
Id: 469811
Link: https://www.botlibre.com/script?id=469811
Embedded Link: https://www.botlibre.com/script?id=469811&embedded=true
File Link: https://sandbox.botlibre.com/script?file&id=469811

Connects: 765, today: 0, week: 1, month: 1
API Connects: 1, today: 0, week: 0, month: 0
Last Connect: Jun 17, 22:05

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