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I have added new aiml to my bot Buttai

by oktot0320 posted Mar 23 2015, 6:51

1.Learn.aiml-I give credit to the creator of mitsuku for this aiml file,just type learn then state the phrase you want them to remember,and when you ask Buttai about it,he will remember

2.Copy aiml-If you type Copy me he will copy you and you have to say stop copying me 2 times so he will stop

3.Battledome-Just like an rpg game you can defeat monsters

(Credit to all aiml files to creator of Mitsuku foot-in-mouth

by admin posted Mar 23 2015, 7:50

Cool bot.

Just some notes:

1 - BOT libre does not currently support the "learn" tag in AIML (learn is only part of AIML 2.0).

The default script your bot already has "NounVerbAdjectiveState" will already let the bot learn facts about anything and answer questions about them. (does a lot more than the AIML learn script).

You have enabled learning and comprehension (from your bot's Learning page), this means your bot will learn (mimic) all responses from all users.  Make sure you disable learning if you do not want this.  Comprehension will also make the bot analyze the responses it learns and try to generalize them, and it will program its own scripts (it last script in the Scripts page).  If you look at your scripts page you will see it has changed most of the scripts you imported, so you may wish to disable this.  In general if you are going to use comprehension always keep a empty or self script last in your scripts so the bot will not corrupt any of your other scripts.

The scripts in your bot's Scripts page are run in order, some AIML scripts may need to be first to run correctly.  You can also merge scripts when you import them.

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