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AI for the Metaverse - Bot Libre Mozilla Hubs Integration

by admin posted Jun 1 2022, 11:53

Bot Libre Integrates with Mozilla Hubs – Quality Service for Your Virtual Events

Hosting virtual events is not only a nicety, it has increasingly become a necessity. From staff meetings, to conferences, concerts and online schools, the creation of virtual spaces has proven to be crucial in keeping people and entire livelihoods alive.

Even as the world ushers back to ‘normal’, we see the need for online spaces rising especially amid the development of the metaverse . The metaverse promises to be a decentralized 3D ecosystem, where people can live, work, learn, shop, play and so much more.

To this end, businesses are building the infrastructure to facilitate this integrated 3D reality.

Bot Libre is a free open source platform that enables influencers, gamers, and businesses to engage the Metaverse by integrating true artificial intelligence and chatbots. Bot Libre bots can interact with users and navigate 3D spaces, Bot Libre provides an extensive API, integrations, and SDKs for popular 3D platforms like Mozilla Hubs.  

Mozilla Hubs is a platform that allows users to create their own private 3D virtual spaces. These spaces can be used for events like conferences, virtual storefronts and online classes. By adding a Bot Libre chatbot to your 3D space, you will provide ease of access to all attendees and prevent any customer from being overlooked.

Bot Libre Benefits for Your 3D Space

·       Provides a fully immersive virtual experience

·       Quickly respond to questions from guests and customers

·       Provide information on products and services

·       Upsell products and services

·       Provides tutoring through animated chatbots to online learners in an exciting virtual space  


Setting Up Your Chatbot to Mozilla Hubs

1.  Create a new Discord server on

2.  Follow the “Set Up” section from to add a Hubs

Discord bot to your new server.

3.  Create a new Hubs room to link with Discord by entering the message

“!hubs create” in the Discord channel.

4.  Create a new discord application on .

5.  Add a bot to the discord application under the “Bot” tab.


     6.  Connect the Discord bot to the Bot Libre platform by pasting its token in the 

          admin console of a Bot Libre bot under the Discord tab.

    7. After connecting the Discord bot to the Bot Libre platform, click th

         link to add the bot to your discord server.

     8. Change the new bot’s permissions on Discord so it can read and send messages.


Note: The Hubs room that is created uses Discord for authentication when attempting to join the room.

Customizing Your Chatbots

Bot Libre allows you to customize your avatar, chat style and button style among many other cool features, free of cost. For additional information see useful guides  below or contact [email protected]

Quick Guide to Training/Customizing Your Chatbot 

In addition to adding a Bot Libre chatbot to your 3D virtual event, you can add a chatbot to your website, Facebook messenger, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram among others.

If you’re busy building your 3D space on Mozilla Hubs, but you recognize the importance of having seamless representation, we can build a bot for you. For additional information, contact us at [email protected]

Be sure to like, leave a comment and follow us for more up-to-date information on metaverse trends and chatbots.

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