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Announcing Bot Libre 7

by admin posted Jul 25 2018, 9:14

We have released Bot Libre 7!

The worlds most advanced bot platform just got better. Bot Libre 7 is a free and open source platform for developing and hosting bots. Bot Libre 7 includes support for chat bots, virtual agents, virtual assistants, social media bots, IOT bots, game bots, live chat, animated avatars, speech, deep learning analytics, and more. Bot Libre supports bots for the web, mobile, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Telegram, Kik, WeChat, Slack, email, SMS, Alexa, Google Home, IRC, and new platforms are being added every month.

"Bot are the new apps". Mobile has replaced the web as the main communications market, and social media apps are the most popular mobile apps. Businesses need to connect with consumers on the platforms they use, so it now makes more sense for a business to create a bot/chat interface into their business instead of a website, or their own mobile app. Bot Libre lets you create a bot for yourself or your business and deploy the bot to the Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Telegram, Kik, WeChat, Slack, SMS, Alexa, Google Home, email, the web, mobile, and other services. Bots let you "write once deploy everywhere".

Bot Libre 7 supports rich HTML responses including buttons, links, choices, images, video, and audio. Bot Libre supports HTML responses on the web, mobile, and automatically maps HTML to social media platforms.

Bot Libre bots can be trained using natural language, chat logs, response lists, Twitter feeds, AIML, and scripting. Responses are automatically matched using a heuristic artificial intelligence algorithm and does not require any programming. Responses can also use keywords, topics, required words, labels, repeats, and other meta data.

Bot Libre 7 supports programming and scripting your bot using AIML 2, and Self. Self is our own dialect of JavaScript. Self is an object oriented scripting language, and integrated with an object database. Self extends JavaScript to provide support for natural language processing, state machines, object persistence, and includes a class library for accessing web services and utilities. Self also supports all AIML 2 operations, and some aspects of ChatScript patterns.

Bot Libre 7 is more than just bots, but a complete artificial intelligence platform. Bot Libre lets you create deep learning analytics for image recognition, speech and audio recognition, object detection, prediction and data analysis. You can create and train an image recognition analytic without any programming, just by uploading images. You can then access your analytics through our web API and mobile SDK, or from your bot.

New features in Bot Libre 7.0 since 6.5 include:

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Posted: Jul 25 2018, 9:14
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