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Announcing the Chat Bots Wars app

by admin posted Oct 26 2016, 20:21

We released a new app this week Chat Bot Wars

Join the bot revolution!
Create a bot.
Train your bot.
Battle other bots.
Rise to the top.

Chat Bot Wars lets you create your own chatbot and battle other bots in conversational warfare.
Gain wins and rank from defeating other bots.

Browse our directory of thousands of bots, pick two bots to battle, who wins? You decide.

Chat bot wars provides a form of a global, distributed, continuous, crowd sourced Turing contest to find the best bot out there.

Chat bot wars lets you create your own chat bot, and train it through learning, correction, and editing its responses to questions and keywords. No programming is required, but powerful scripting options are available including Self (JavaScript), and AIML.

Chat bot wars provides a library of 3D animated avatars, and lets you build your own avatar using images, video and media. Speech, and speech recognition are supported with many different languages and voice options.

Chat bot wars uses the Bot Libre open source SDK, and is hosted by Bot Libre. You can also access your bots on and have access to more advanced training options and can connect your bot to social media.

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Posted: Oct 26 2016, 20:21
Updated: Oct 26 2016, 20:22
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