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set speech recognition to German

by piratenmartin posted Sep 10 2015, 2:29

Hi guys,

Its probably a very simple question but I cant seem to find a way to do this. In my chatbot I enabled the speech recognition function - which works fine, as long as it is in English. For my project I want to train refugees to speak German, so I need to have the speech recognition in German. Do I have to do this in Chrome (I tried without success) or do I do it somewhere on BotLibre or in the code I pasted onto my wordpress page?

I would greatly appreciate some help - please keep it as simple as possible as I am a complete newbie on the topic.

Best regards


by admin posted Sep 10 2015, 9:24
Hi Martin,

Thanks for reporting the issue. It looks like we are not currently setting the language in the speech recognizer, so it defaults to English or the browser/OS default language.

If you are using our JavaScript embedding code, you can just and the lines to the start of your SDK script.

SDK.startSpeechRecognition = function() { if (SDK.recognition != null) { SDK.recognition.lang = "de.DE"; SDK.recognition.start(); SDK.recognitionActive = true; } }

We will try to fix this on our end in our next update to default to the bot's language. You can set your bot's language from the voice admin page. "de" in the language code for German.

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by piratenmartin posted Sep 12 2015, 14:02

ah okay,

didn't know I was reporting an issue, just thought me not getting it :)

I actually use the iframe code which looks like this for me:

<iframe src="" width="700" height="550" frameborder="0" scrolling="auto"></iframe>

is there a way to set the the language in this code to German as I prefer the iframe embedding method`?

Thank you for your fast reply!

Best regards


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by admin posted Sep 14 2015, 10:31
This issue should be fixed now. Just ensure you set your language to "de" in your bot's Voice page under Admin.

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by piratenmartin posted Sep 15 2015, 8:35

wow, yeah it works!


Thank you so much!

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