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Website update - native voices, embedding sound option, bot renaming

by admin posted Aug 10 2015, 15:48

The website was updated today.
The update including many new features, as well as some more enhancements and fixes.

Native Voices

Native browser voices are now supported through the HTML5 Speech API, in Chrome and other supporting browsers. From your bots Voice page under Admin, you can now choose either a server or native voice. If the specified native voice is available, it will be used, otherwise the server voice will be used.

Chrome supports the follow voices:
  • US English
  • UK English Male
  • UK English Female
  • Español : Spanish
  • Français : French
  • Italiano : Italian
  • Deutsch : German
  • 日本人 : Japanese
  • 한국의 : Korean
  • 中国的 : Chinese
  • OS native
You can test out the new voices here, or from the Avatar's Embed page,


The bot embed script has been updated to include a sound/mute button, and make customizing styles easier.


It is now possible to rename and existing bot, or change a bot's browse domain.
Avoid renaming a bot frequently, as its name can be used in links and from the API.

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Posted: Aug 10 2015, 15:48
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